Polyvore x Rebecca Minkoff Challenge

Our friends at Polyvore have teamed up with Rebecca Minkoff for a fabulous challenge! If you haven’t signed up for Polyvore yet – what are you waiting for?


Beginning today, Rebecca Minkoff will provide the Polyvore community with all of the necessary 鈥渆lements鈥 to create a bag 鈥 digital images of the leather, hooks, tassels, studs, zippers, straps, applicants 鈥 and users will have until Nov. 29th to take their turn at creating a bag that will be available for sale in the spring.

Over 20 million 鈥渟ets鈥 or digital fashion collages have been created by Polyvore users to date and over 6.5 million unique visitors discover the site every month. 聽Today鈥檚 news gives the Polyvore community the opportunity to play the role of designer and see their creation made into a reality, a historic fashion first.

The winning bag will make its official debut on Minkoff鈥檚 first runway show at New York Fashion Week in February. The winning Polyvore designer will also be present at the show to see their creation unveiled for the first time on the catwalk.

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