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Fine art is a wonderful thing. I remember the days of university graduate shows, my friends showing off their abilities to redefine obscurity and present it on a platter for all to see. Art can be defined in many ways, exploring the depth and meaning behind a piece is what draws me, and so many other art lovers, in.

I’ve been fascinated by artists, of most eras – especially those that made their mark during the Renaissance period – Bellini, Raphael and of course, not forgetting Michelangelo and da Vinci. The physical collection is however still vacant…

I remember my first trip to Tuscany, Italy when I was younger – and being very impressed by the art of local enthusiasts, similar to that of artists in Montmartre; Paris. Italy is a platform for beautiful art, breath taking surroundings, with a whimsical romanticism, inspiring and imaginative.

It was a couple of years ago I was drawn to the attention of Milan Artist and quintessential lover of nature; Mario Zampedroni. His ideas about form, shape, colour and light are extraordinary. He moves further to make a statement about the process and substance of his work – which intrigues the audience even more.

The most amazing part of Zampedroni’s work, is that he never copies anything from the ‘real.’ His work come straight from an abstract dimension, merging his love for all things natural – flowers, rivers, forests and fields. What Zampredroni describes as ‘A creative journey of discovery.’

The boldness and profound execution of colour, is a primary element in Zampedroni’s paintings – and it is used with such elegance and maturity. Striking reds, greens and yellows are especially evident in his acrylic masterpieces. His use of defining shape and lines is also apparent and indelibly engraved on the mind of anyone who has seen it. So carefully and delicately caricatured, it’s almost as if he knows what will engage and be pleasing to the senses – the principal interest of any art lover.

It would be incredible if Zampedroni’s Art was to be collaborated with the milestone of fashion. Pop art has already made an integral scene in it’s harmonious culmination with the world of ‘a la’ Mode.’ The emotion and stand Zampedroni has made with art would be commended and strongly communicated though the world of it’s neighbouring trend.

I am personally in love with his fusion of abstract and excellence in his floral paintings. So much spirit and warmth, I find myself following the trails of distinct lines and contours of the brush strokes on canvas. Truly breathtaking, igniting emotion as well as a sense of calm, his paintings embark on a classic journey – etymology of thought, formula with anticipation, sensitivity and completion.

His work appeals to a wide audience, as his approach to art and emotion within his pieces is magnificent. This i believe to be universal taste – the sheer movement of colour and purity of meaning, is enough for anyone to acquire a piece of this amazing, twenty first century raw talent.

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by Samar Sadullah for Tall Dark Roast. Read more about Samar here.

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