‘Blood Type’ Fragrances by BLOOD Concept

I came across these great scents from聽Antonio Zuddas and Giovanni Castelli called Blood Concept. Made up of four fragrances — A, B, AB, and O — none of which really smell anything like blood, the line is unlike anything I’ve seen before.

The packaging alone is enough to snatch it up, available in a slick 40 ml dropper ($190) or 60 ml spray version ($165).

A, B, AB and 0, retrace the evolution of manhood through time and its record of information, history and mutation, so well kept in the vital flushing of blood.

BLOOD CONCEPT is a mystic ritual with no flowers to be found: deep as primeval Africa in 0鈥 aromatic as the scent of familiar land in A, bold as unpredictable itineraries in B, bold and sharp as a metropolitan skyline in AB.

Ending each time with the same subtle and mysterious note: a metallic vague suspicion.

If you’re in Vancouver, you can scoop it over at Masc, or grab a bottle online @聽shopmasc.com

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